Coaching is the fastest growing tool in business today. According to a 2009 research study conducted by Harvard, personal coaching has not only become more mainstream in recent years, but is considered a “badge of honor.” That’s because studies are proving the value of coaching in enhancing the performance of executives and companies. (Read “What Can Coaches Do For You?,” Harvard Business Review, Jan. 2009)

“Forty years ago, no one talked about executive coaching. Twenty years ago, coaching was mainly directed at talented but abrasive executives who were likely to be fired if something didn’t change. Today, coaching is a popular and potent solution for ensuring top performance from an organization’s most critical talent,” says Diane Coutu who authored the Harvard Business Review article.

Coaching supports leaders in getting ahead of the curve, developing their emotional intelligence, enhancing team performance, and creates the fastest path from ideas to execution to increased results.


Coaching is not therapy. Therapy focuses on the past. Coaching focuses on the future.

Coaching is not consulting. Perhaps Harvard explains the difference between these two disciplines best:

  • Consultants are paid to be right and, therefore, give answers. The consultant is the center of attention. Coaches are paid to build the capacity of others and have the right questions. The coachee is the center of attention.
  • Coaching is about supporting the clients in identifying an answer that leads to change. Consulting is about providing the client with an answer that leads to change.
  • Coaching is non-directive and is about pulling the solutions out, while consulting is directive and putting the solutions in.
  • Consultants do glossy, color-coordinated briefs; coaches have conversations.


Harvard reports that one of the best reasons to hire a coach is to support “high-performing executives to acquire new insights, skills and capabilities quickly that improve their on-the-job-effectiveness.”

When you hire a coach from ChoiceCenter, your coach’s entire commitment is to having you win – whether that’s in your business, relationships, work/life balance, health, or any other area you choose.

By hiring a coach, you’re hiring a partner – someone who’s an expert, who can see and hear things you may be blind to, and who can provide feedback others are unwilling to share with you. ChoiceCenter coaches are trained to support you to maximize your own leadership skills and inspire others. Your coach will work with you to evaluate the choices you are making, and determine the most direct path to achieving your goals.


Harvard reports the two most important things to look for when hiring a coach are experience, and a clear coaching methodology.

ChoiceCenter offers three tiers of coaching certification, with the lowest level requiring a minimum of 500 hours of experience working with clients, and annual continuing education requirements in the classroom.

ChoiceCenter coaches are trained in a proven methodology we call the Coaching Triangle. Working with your coach, you will learn how to clear off the results on your declared goals, maximize your learning around your successes and missed marks, and re-declare for even bigger breakthroughs and achievements moving forward. What’s more, the Coaching Triangle is a tool you can teach your team to use as it applies in any situation where goals are declared.

Beyond certification and methodology, at ChoiceCenter, we have our own distinct philosophy about coaching. People who hire coaches are people who live in constant pursuit of excellence, therefore your coach should be on a parallel pursuit. We believe you should only hire a coach who is being coached themselves, who has access to peers and mentors who challenge them to consistently elevate their coaching skills.

ChoiceCenter employs a circle of Master Coaches – professional coach trainers who have a minimum of 10,000 hours of experience coaching as their profession. They coach each other, intern coaches, and the Center’s personal and business certified coaches on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


Coaching should always have an end result with a timeline for achievement. You and your coach will work to determine the scope of what you want to achieve, and a timeframe for accomplishment. 45% of coaching relationships last 7 to 12 months, with 27% averaging 3 to 6 months. A minimum coaching contract with ChoiceCenter begins at 3 months.


In their 2009 study, Harvard reported coaching can cost as much as $3,500 an hour, with the median hourly cost of coaching ranging from $500 to $750 per hour. ChoiceCenter has created three levels of certified coaches for clients to choose from, making the benefits of coaching accessible to a broader range of clientele. Pricing begins at $50 per 30-minute session, and maxes at $1,500 per hour.


The coaches at ChoiceCenter are Certified through a rigorous training program that includes a minimum of 9 months of intensive coursework, and 500 hours of supervised coaching experience. Even after Certification, our coaches must complete monthly continuing education requirements in order to continue their coaching relationships. Each Certified coach also has a Master Coach they mentor with.


ChoiceCenter’s Certified Professional Coach program qualifies coaches based on their coaching education and experience. With three levels of qualified coaches, you can choose the level of experience that’s right for you, with billable rates that are adjusted accordingly.


Level One: Personal Life Coach

ChoiceCenter’s Personal Life Coaches have a minimum of 500 hours of coaching experience. A Personal Life coach can support you in the areas of relationship, career, finance, health, and more.

Rate: $50 per 30-minute session

Minimum Contract: 3 months


Level Two: Personal & Business Coach

ChoiceCenter’s Personal & Business coaches have completed their certification as a Personal Life Coach, and have a minimum of 2,500 hours of coaching experience with the Center. A Personal & Business coach has received additional education in coaching business professionals to elevate their performance and results in the workplace. They can also support you in any other area of your life where you want to create results.

Rate: $100 – $150 per 30-minute session

Minimum Contract: 3 months


Level Three: Master Coach

A Master Coach is not only Certified as a Life Coach and Personal & Business Coach for ChoiceCenter, but has completed at least 10,000 hours of coaching. Our Master Coaches are also professional trainers who deliver Personal Development, Leadership and Business workshops. A Master Coach is trained to work with everyone from entrepreneurs to C-level executives on any project or personal goal they wish to achieve.

Rate: $300 to $750 per 30-minute session

Minimum Contract: Negotiated based on goals and projects


To begin working with a Certified coach from ChoiceCenter, click here to complete a request form. One of our on-boarding specialists will call you for a coaching interview, as well as send a more detailed questionnaire for you to complete about your specific coaching needs. You will also receive a guide for how to get the most value out of your coaching experience.

Harvard’s study reports that those who have the most success with coaching are those who “have a fierce desire to learn and grow.” We look forward to being your partner in achieving your goals, and thank you for being in pursuit of excellence in your life.