Inspirational Parenting


Written and delivered by ChoiceCenter’s renowned Teen Leadership trainer – Robert Pleasants – who has coached and trained tens of thousands of kids for more than 20 years, this NEW course shares his greatest tips, insights, tools and best practices for inspirational parenting!

In this powerful 2-day workshop, you can expect to create a new tribe of fellow parents sharing the best communication styles to support your children. You will look back at how you were parented and your parents were parented, and look forward into the future to see what impact your past will make there too. In the course you will also:

  • Explore how parenting differs by gender
  • Learn the stereotypes that exist between parents and children
  • Create a “parent pact” with yourself
  • Develop tools for resolving conflict with kids
  • Understand what “Win / Win” parenting is all about
  • Create your vision as a parent for years to come!
  • Experience a pointed Q&A session between parents and kids

Held on Saturday and Sunday, Sept 25th – 26th, the course runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at ChoiceCenter in Las Vegas and is $595 per person or $795 per couple. Please note there is a limit on participants due to Nevada COVID regulations, so register early to secure your seat!

Workshop Schedule

10 am - 6pm PST
10 am - 6pm PST

September 25, 2021
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