Corporate Workshops

Overview: ChoiceCenter’s Leadership Development workshops strengthen the core values and principles that are fundamental to business success by evoking and developing a leader’s emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ workshops are designed for organizations whose leaders know that people are their among their most important and valuable resources, and who want to invest in supporting their key employees to become balanced, effective, and fulfilled human beings.

Companies whose policy is to develop their own talent will also find the workshops a place from which senior and middle managers are revitalized, and connected to their personal and professional vision and purpose.

The result is a new-found sense and renewal of dedication and commitment to their careers and their organizations.

EQ workshops provide participants with a unique opportunity for increasing self-awareness, and for genuinely assessing strengths and weaknesses. Feedback is an important part of this process.

In this supportive environment, as self-awareness grows, new possibilities open up. Instead of repeating old, unproductive patterns of behavior, people begin to make new choices. Participants break through self-limiting beliefs and attitudes that have been limiting their potential and capabilities, not achieving their full potential.

Over the course of the EQ workshop, there is space to communicate openly and honestly, take interpersonal new grounds, and look at their careers from fresh new perspectives.

In the process, leaders experience the power of taking ownership for the results in their careers – one of the foundations of emotional intelligence.

Cynicism, skepticism, doubt, and distrust are transformed into aliveness and optimism. There is a renewed willingness to take initiative, and to participate wholeheartedly as a member of the team.

In ChoiceCenter’s EQ workshop, participants are challenged to commit themselves to their own professional and personal growth and development as a professional in their chosen field. Participants explore their own values, and gain certainty about what is truly important and meaningful in their lives and careers. By the end of the workshop, there is greater clarity about key goals, and the path that leads to their fulfillment.

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: Developing Your EQ to Increase Business Results

Length of Workshop: 3, 4 or 5 days